Sunday, 9 August 2020

They are grown to be eaten

... and eaten they will be.

by our family or ...

someone else's!
Plenty of caterpillars enjoying the fruits of my labour on the kohlrabi.
Thankfully they don't like the runner beans yet.
Our tomatoes were fried up and eaten with toast for lunch.

PS Don't like this new Blogger. I have reverted to the old because I couldn't get the pics the right size. Will stay on the old for as long as possible.


  1. I havent even tried the new blogger yet. And dont want to. Lovely grub. Not the grubs tho they will grow into butterflies.

  2. Love your pictures, yummy! Our garden has fizzled in the heat of our summer. I feel your pain on the new blogger. I started having (and many have) problems trying to log in with the new one to edit. I would get an error message. The "fix" was to revert to the old one. I was fine with that. I switched to "legacy" until they make me, ha.

  3. I know this new Blogger can be a pain and I find myself switching back and forth a great deal.

    Even snacked on by critters your kohlrabi look tasty.

    God bless.

  4. Indeed they are - they look absolutely delicious!

    I haven't come across anyone who likes the new Blogger. I don't either and have reverted back for as long as possible.


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