Sunday, 23 August 2020

During the day

There is a work surface opposite the kitchen window which is used for different purposes throughout the day. Here are a few glimpses of said surface.

The pic below shows some things that are defrosting from the freezer.

Here we've got the mixer ready for making the bread and some tomatoes that have just been picked. T|here are glasses and dishes ready to be put away.

The dough is a-whirring.

The phone is charged round here.

It looks like the clothes are ready to be folded from the tumble drier.

Bread has baked. The lampshade is from our lady lamp at the bottom of the stairs. We were expecting the carpet fitter and we didn't want him to knock the lampshade as he was taking up the carpet.

It was a hot day - that's my excuse!



  1. You can't beat a glass of Pimms on a hot day. Enjoy!

  2. That's quite a lot to do with the one space. I love the versatility!
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  3. Your bench top looks a lot like mine on a normal day of cooking etc. I used to love Pimms when I was in my 20's but only last year decided to try it again and bought a bottle and it is a good drink on a hot day, but its winter here now so a glass of Port is more to my taste.

  4. I love the amount of space you have on your counter. You certainly make good use of it.

    God bless.


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