Saturday, 22 August 2020

For Cherie

Mum's Crumble Topping Recipe

It's very simple - all you need to remember is 

Half fat and sugar to flour.

eg. 6 oz flour, 3 oz butter, 3 oz sugar


8 oz flour, 4 oz butter, 4 oz sugar

Instead of all flour you can add some oats

eg. 6 oz flour 2 oz oats (8 oz),  4 oz butter, 4 oz sugar

The sugar could be white or brown - I like to  use brown for more flavour either as sweetener to the fruit or in the crumble topping.

This is my go to crumble topping although if you look it up there are quite a few variations out there. I just like things simple to remember.

The topping can be sparse or thicker on top of the fruit - it's your preference.

Happy crumbling!



  1. I always make too much crumble mix ans freeze half, so the 2nd pud I make is always much quicker.

  2. Looks yum. Thank you for the recipe

    Julie xxxxxx

  3. I love oats added too and chopped walnuts make a good addition as well. Such a useful mix to have in the freezer.


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