Thursday, 6 August 2020


Oh my, oh my,
I've only just seen
That comments are there
On posts that have been.

I'm not up to scratch,
So excuse me do,
This blogging has changed
So I have to too!

Sorted now 
And I'll come on a visit
To old friends and new

And I can't think of anything to rhyme with visit so I'll leave it at that
Love to all
And good to be back!



  1. Sorry if I was a little persistent about the comments not appearing but as something similar had happened with another of my blog contacts I suspected that the same had happened to you. There fore i took the chance on giving you a nudge. Definitely going to be fun and games with the new blogger interface. I have tried it out twice but I just dont seem to be able to publish a new post that updates on my reading list. I just get a post that I can see but nobody else. It works fine when I revert to the original annoying. Great rhyme ...dead on!!! keep well Amanda x

  2. I know I am glad to have you back and blogging once again.

    God bless.


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