Saturday, 15 August 2020

I want to be alone

Walking is part of my exercise regime and today I ventured into the park but wanted to avoid people at all costs. Once in the park I cut across the pitch and putt - nobody playing today even though the schools are closed for the summer.

On through the bowling greens and not many people here either. Only one couple bowling, one tramp  asleep and one lady exercising her dog on one of the greens - grrr!

I walked up the embankment to keep out of their way...

... and had a great view of the local golf course - no one playing here either.

I decided to give the Italian gardens a miss as there were many people out enjoying the sun and sitting outside the cafe. Quick, quick - try the boating lake. Hmm, not packed but I'll keep out of the way by ...

... walking through the trees.

Very cool in the shade on such a hot day. I walked home via roads with large grass verges so I could safely distance myself from other human forms. 

What strange times we live in at the moment.



  1. We do and to me one of the strangest things is that it is rapidly becoming less strange.

  2. I always chat to people I pass they often move toward me and I move back. Be hilarious to film it!


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