Thursday, 18 June 2015

What's in yours?

I have 'kitchen things' on show in the kitchen so -

* I can find some items easily

* I can store more things that I haven't got room for in the cupboards

* I can dust and wipe shelves and surfaces more often!

Some of these 'things' are stored in Kilner jars because - 

* I like them

* They are cheap at Ikea

* They look as though I know what I'm doing in the kitchen and show that it is a creative space!

Only little 'things' fit in these jars. The one's below are small jars that fit on the shelf below the wall cupboards - the larger jars are too tall. In them I have lentils, rice, additional nuts and fruits for muesli, chocolate coated raisins from Lidl ...

and Arborio rice.

In the 2 different topped ones I keep sugar and biscuits (once we've eaten half the packet).

Over the other side of the kitchen the tea bags, coffee and sugar are to hand for the brews.

The large jar has pasta inside and …

I found one more lurking on a higher shelf (I don't know when I put it there - it contains currants).

Some people like to hide things away to streamline the kitchen. I display and moan about the cleaning. My jars look good and are useful so I'll keep them for a while longer.

What's in yours?



  1. I have a lack of kitchen cupboards, so also "display" glass jars full of different things. Hate having to clean / dust them, but there again, we all know a woman's work is never done... ;)

  2. I love those jars, I inherited one from my mum but it hasn't got a seal so I keep buttons in it
    Julie xxxxx

  3. I love a nice jar x

  4. I have all sorts in mine, just like you. I blogged about my kitchen shelves (full of jars) at the link below, and these are just some of the jars ... there are more!! -

    And I have them for all the reasons you do :-)

  5. I really like the look of your jars.

  6. I use these jars and I love the way they look filled with different things. I like the way they make my kitchen look too!

  7. Hello from Texas! I also love glass storage. My pantry is filled with it. We have a shop called the Container Store and they come in all sizes and shapes. It does make organizing so much easier.

  8. I love everything in our kitchen to be behind doors, drives hubby mad, but it's just the way I am.

  9. No jars here, except those which contain food from the shop, lemon curd, pickles, sauce, etc. All my dry goods are stored in their original packaging in the cupboards. I like to see the best by or use by date on the side, so I can use them in rotation.

  10. when we moved we had to declutter the whole kitchen and for selling the house, you have to have as little as possible on the counter tops. I now try and keep as little as possible on the counter tops.

  11. I've jars galore!!! Filled with much the same as yours except I need to go shopping now for chocolate coated raisins!

  12. I love having jars of dried goods, the packets drive me nuts, all my jars are in cupboards because I have nowhere else for them, when we re-fit the kitchen and extend I will have a lovely big walk in pantry then they will all go in there :-)

  13. Used to do the jars, still have some kilner type ones with orange lids. But now all hidden away in the cupboards. Love yours.x

  14. Love your jars!
    Mine are moaning, not me, behind the cupboard doors.
    I only moan when I need to find something!
    I need to do better, hidden does not mean it's a good thing!


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