Monday, 1 June 2015

Item 2, Stash 2

I thought I"d crochet some mug cosies as little Christmas presents with some more wool from the stash. They are very simple to make. First make a chain long enough to go around the edge of the base of the mug and then work enough rows of half dc (UK) to reach nearly the top edge (must leave room for drinking without getting a mouthful of frizzy yarn). Join with 2 chain to the other edge and work 2 rounds of single crochet (UK) up the side, around the top and down the side to give it a border. On the second time around the edge I crocheted a 15 chain loop which would reach over the handle of the mug and affix to a button on the other side.

I worked about 10 rows of half double crochet.

Speaking of Christmas, do I throw away this yarn cone or keep it? I thought it would do nicely for a crocheted Christmas tree.




  1. very nice, just can't get the hang of crocheting. I will stick to knitting for the time being.

  2. Go on keep it, so many ways to use it.

  3. It might come in handy for something.......or it might not. I'm no help in the big decisions of life!

  4. as soon as you toss it, you will think of something you could have used it for :)

  5. Now if only I could crochet - looking at it I think if I could maybe fashion something like it by knitting in rib. Now where's my thinking cap??

  6. I laughed to myself thinking of me 'simply doing the double chain thingy.....' But those mug covers are adorable. Keep the cone. I'd decorate it with sequins and beads as a Christmas tree !

  7. Mug cosies are lovely. I knitted son=me a few years ago and filled the cups with hot chocolate sachets and for the adults I also included a mini bottle of spirits.
    Keep the cone and crochet a tree cover and decorate it with beads.


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