Sunday, 7 June 2015

Things are looking up

What lovely days we've had for looking up.

Tip: Always stand still when looking up!

It's great when the sun shines.

Not necessarily great when the wind blows aswell!


PS A very warm welcome to my new follower, Tara.


  1. We had fab weather today, it certainly lifts the spirits x

  2. Sunshine was wonderful today and then the blinkin' wind turned round to the East again straight off the sea.

  3. I've had wind blowing washing on the line, but that looks like strong wind through your hair :)

  4. Wouldn't mind your blue skies today - it's a bit cloudy and wet down here today :)

  5. we had a good weekend weather wise as well.

  6. Its amazing the effect that some gorgeous weather can have on you. Its sunny at the moment and I hope it lasts.........xx

  7. I think it's been windy every time I've been to Blackpool, it must blow in off the sea. It's been terrible this year, no let up from the wind, but we've had a bit of a reprieve today, bliss. I hope this is the start of some better weather. Love the photo of Puss in your last post sat in the middle of the strawberry patch.

  8. Thanks For The Welcome :D



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