Wednesday 24 June 2015


Questions answered.

Dani asked if I had any tips on pruning grape vines. I have done a post here on my pruning this year. In previous years I only had one main lead and then let shoots grow from that. I have been told that when pruning do not use cutters just pinch the runners off by hand. This year with 2 main runners I've kept the off shoots quite short with only one bunch on each off shoot. I pinch the runner off after the next leaf. I've given it about 3 prunes this season as runners tend to grow very quickly.

Cheryl asked if a grapevine would only grow inside. The grapevine we have is for growing inside but its roots are planted outside. I wrote about the type of vine here. There are many varieties that can be grown outside. Here's a link.

It's been a glorious day here today. I've walked and danced, baked and cooked and now it's rest time.



  1. Put yer feet up with a nice cup of tea! X

    1. I did, but it was sherry, not tea!

  2. Thanks Mum - will check out your link when I'm back online on the laptop tomorrow. :)

  3. Ooh Err Mum, I read the last sentence as "I walked and danced, naked" Did a double take and almost fell off the sofa. Now i need a sherry.

  4. I have not pinched grapes, only tomatoes.
    We used to have huge vines, but no longer.
    I miss them.


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