Saturday, 27 June 2015

For my tea

grated courgette sauteed in butter,

home grown

new potatoes,

home grown


mange tout and lettuce home grown

and strawberries

home grown

Not many food miles here.



  1. Hi Mum, read your blog at 3am after getting up for an epic wee ( these damned detoxing juices!! ) but wasn't fully functional enough to write a comment. But I'm here now some five hours later with a cup of green tea with lemon! Those courgettes look mouthwatering and it's true that things taste amazing that you've grown yourself. The only one exception of mine was when I grew broccoli. The plants were MASSIVE. I was on caterpillar watch. The first harvest was plucked, raced down the garden into the kitchen and eaten lightly steamed within 10 minutes. It tasted EXACTLY the same as shop bought!! I was gutted!!

  2. Lovely fresh fruit and veg. What do you do with the courgette, do you add anything else to them?
    Julie xxxxx


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