Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Midsummer check ...

… on how the edible garden is growing.

We've been eating the mange-tout for about a week now, picking every day.

I planted them around the other side of the frame aswell. Both sides are at the same stage of growth even though I planted the second side 2 weeks later than the first. So much for succession planting. The broad beans have now started to develop pods.

We are still eating our way through the potatoes and the onions are fattening up. I'm sure I could start eating them once my shop bought ones are finished.

At last the corn is starting to grow properly. In front is the garlic.

Sweet peas are taking off up the second frame along with the climbing beans.

I wouldn't go under there puss!

The asparagus is being allowed to grow but I still harvest one or two spears every now and then.

There must be over a hundred bunches of grapes on the vine. I've pruned it again today as it was escaping out of the roof window.

Come on the tomatoes. I'm afraid they are being over shadowed by the vine.

The chives are putting on a pretty show and poppies are springing up everywhere.

I must watch the strawberries now they have started to ripen.

Check done, weeding done. All is well on the home food front.



  1. My word, you are growing a feast. My peas and beans are very half hearted but I will persevere with them. The salad stuff has romped away and my potatoes are marvelous. I only grew spring onions this year but will add shallots next year.

  2. Your garden's looking fab. I'd like to grow everything in the back garden, but it's just not practical with the dog and the fact that it is so small.

  3. Your garden is looking good - well done :) S'funny, winter is the only time we can grow peas and broad beans here - which you plant and grow in summer. Peculiar!

  4. P.S. Any tips for pruning grape vines? Mine are due for a pruning in a few weeks, and it would appear I'm useless, as we get very few grapes...

    Please :)

  5. It all looks and sounds wonderful. I'd love a grapevine, will it only grow inside? xx

  6. I could harvest all that stuff and blitzt it this week!!
    I can't wait to see your grapes!

  7. Everything is looking lovely in your garden.


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