Saturday, 20 June 2015

One word ...

… in Eternally 28's post caught my attention and I thought, 'I wish I could do that'. 


I'm finding it hard now to put words down here. My writing style as you may have noticed is very simple - just say it with no added extras here or there.  I read many blogs, just look to the right, and everyone's writing style is different - matter of fact, descriptive, informative, creative, witty, intelligent. They are a pleasure to read each day. Thank you to Johnnyjumps up and Eternally 28 for sharing their jar storage. Not only Kilner jars have been used but also jam jars and other glass vessels. I bemoaned the fact that we throw away an awful lot of beautifully shaped jars which contain coffee, jam, oils etc.. I'm sure if I thought hard enough I could re-use them as containers. Finding a  place to put them is harder the more I collect though. Plastic bottles also come in great shapes and colours. Isn't it a shame that we buy them and then chuck them. Now would you put a question mark at the end of the previous sentence? I was just stating rather than questioning. 

My sentences tend to be very short (for the teachers out there I don't think I've passed Level 3 yet). I was never one to talk much and I certainly didn't want to put my private thoughts down on paper for a nosey teacher. Perhaps that's why I preferred sums to words. Yet words intrigue me. They can mean so much in so many ways. What I read in a post may not be the same as another person. I wonder if my idea of a person behind a post is correct if I met that person in real life. Would their personality be the same as the one I have formed in my head from reading the way they put their words down on their blog?

Are you the shy one, the introvert, the do-er, the worrier, the family one, the fun loving one or the 'get on with it' one?

Would you have put two full stops after etc?

There are a lot of 'I wishes' out there, I'm sure. My wishes are very simple. I've tried hard and I think I may have succeeded. Just one word inspired this post. Hope you've lasted to the end. Hope that others write a post on their glass storage containers. Hope that others have some ideas on using throw away glass jars. 

Please forgive this load of 


PS It's a great word Rachel. Thank you for the inspiration.


  1. Thanks for the Eternally 28 tip off. What great writing! x
    PS: Nothing wrong with your own style Mum. We all write differently. Me, I do talk a bit like I write. Long words, occasionally swear-y, wandering off in all sorts of different directions.

  2. I am just me and write how I am nothing fancy here no airs and graces just plain and simple :-)

  3. Radiostar Rachel writes brilliantly, wish I'd found her blog sooner than a month ago. I can't do waffle or creative writing so can only blog about what's happening and hope it's not too boring.

  4. Well waffled. It is quite a departure from your normal style but I like it. I too preferred sums to putting things in writing! I'll check out Eternally 28. A Load of Old Tat also posted her jars. Take a look if you can.

  5. My word would be wonky, it's such a expressive word.

  6. Very good. You did very well with your waffling. I have written up my family history which I have been researching for a very long time, and I read a piece of advice from an expert who said that to make it interesting you should write as you would talk and people (family) could visualise you saying it. I hope I managed to achieve that.

    Joan (Wales)

  7. I love your writings just as they are. I also wish that I was more creative with words,

  8. Oh Mum! I look up to your Blog! When you started commenting on mine I was a bit star struck!! I don't think I'm particularly funny or fab at writing and I'm incredibly flattered by what everyone says in your comments!!
    I tend to use too many of these >>>!!!! And ( ) . I think I write like I talk into an answering machine. Absolute nonsense!
    I look forward to seeing your new posts in my reading list. Don't ever change Mum. I love you just the way you are! Xxx

  9. I like your writing style Mum. There are "oh so many" blogs using quirky, jaunty, "simply delightful" language that are copies of other blogs. Yours is individual, you manage to convey your message in a nice, efficient way.

  10. I'm more of a wordy person than a numbery person. Is that a word? Lots of numbers don't make any sense to me, but I can usually figure out a bunch of words.

  11. Mum I thoroughly enjoyed this post - waffle or not we learnt a little more about you. Thanks also for pointing out another blog to add to our list.
    Oh and I've got some jars I 'might' show off to the world some day.
    Take care


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