Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Workout - weight lifting

This morning I walked to the supermarket with my trusty pull along trolley and loaded up with groceries. A full trolley is quite heavy especially with a large milk and several tins and cans. Walking back I pull, alternating left and right arms. Ta da - weightlifting workout plus a 2 mile walk. Sorted.


PS for Jules and Jill in answer to the question 'Is all the effort worth it?'

This is the second time I've made pasta with the machine. The first time was just as messy but the pasta cooked in no time and melted in the mouth. Totally different from bought pasta.

Is all the effort worth it?


excitement, contentment, wonder, satisfaction, culinary delight, clean kitchen once cleared up!


messy, lengthy process, takes time, easier to open a packet

Another pro is that the pasta can be frozen or left to dry then stored. If it tastes wonderful from frozen or dried then one big pasta making session could result in quite a few meals, cutting down the time of preparing a meal.

Watch this space.



  1. You sold pasta making more with this post than your last instructional post.

  2. I love home made pasta, it really does taste good.

  3. Thanks for that Mum. Interesting to read you can freeze it so its win win win. x

  4. Thank you Mum. I'm going to give it a try. X


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