Thursday, 6 September 2018

Trip out

I had my first experience of a Grey Brigade coach trip yesterday. 

Great fun as we didn't know where we were going. We ended up at Barrowford, a small pretty village in which was the Pendle Heritage Centre.

A small stream meandered though the village and we walked along it through the park gardens,

ending up at a local hostelry for lunch, which was beautifully presented.

Onward we went in the afternoon, up and up, along very narrow roads, extremely narrow roads,

to Clitheroe. The first narrow road the coach went up was the wrong one so we backed up about a quarter of a mile and immediately proceeded to the next frightfully narrow road.

We said hello to the sheep on the hillside.

A tour of the main street of Clitheroe whiled away the afternoon along with an ice-cream and a trip to a CS!

Good company, good food and great scenery. Must do it again some time with the LWJ.



  1. Looks great fun, my husband used to be a coach driver, I keep saying to him to give him a break from driving when we go out we could go on a few coach day trips, but being an ex driver he isn't keen, just sitting back, I shall keep trying though, because it can be fun. x

  2. Pity I get sick on coaches, looks fun.

  3. We had a visit to Clitheroe a couple of years and I really enjoyed it-was it the really posh CS you visited? We only ended up in Clitheroe. Because we stopped for coffee and ended up spending the afternoon there. There was a fabric shop and yarn shop there too. Like Jill, I’m not a breat coach traveller.

  4. I love both places, although I cling on for dear life doing that journey in the car let alone on a coach!


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