Monday, 10 September 2018

Another workout

This time it's making pasta. I really shouldn't watch too many YouTube videos. I've made pasta before but decided it was much too messy. Here's my pasta dough - just 2 mugs of flour and 2 eggs with a little water to make it into a firm dough. I mixed it up in the mixer to start off with but then got busy with my arm muscles.

Pasta machine from the CS at the ready. It would only fit on the table so there was a lot of walking backwards and forwards. I cut the dough into 4 manageable sizes ...

and did an initial roll out on the board.

Into the machine on setting 9, working down to 1, on to the other side of the machine to make spaghetti and fettuchini.

The handrail of the oven came in handy for the draping.

Then came the clear up.

Kitchen floor, back room floor, table and counter tops.

Yep, it's messy.

Here's the video that inspired me - what a lady.



  1. Goodness me! No end to your talents. Never tried that. Does it taste better?

  2. I've read of a few people making their own pasta recently and I'm very tempted to give it a try. I was going to ask the same as Jill, is it worth the effort? X

  3. Never tried making my own pasta , Not sure if that's something i want to do as its so cheap to buy dried , I am a messy cook with anything i cook bake lol xxx


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