Tuesday, 4 September 2018

I have started ...

1. to tidy and clear the garden before it gets too cold

2. to knit a mermaid tail blanket with circular needles - I've a long way to go.

3. to get into a normal routine now that the activities of summer are over
(Let me see now - LWL, LWJ, swimming, dancing, gardening, date days with OH - it's a hard life!)

4. buying small presents for C--------

5. thinking I eat to much (only thinking)

6. sorting out my Autumn wardrobe (getting out the long sleeved tops!) I purchased 2 pairs of ankle boots from the CS last week as I'd walked through the soles of my other pair.

7. to conquer travel sickness and go out on a coach trip with a friend tomorrow



LWL = Ladies who lunch
LWJ =  Ladies who jolly
OH = Other half
CS = Charity shop
C = Christmas - yeah!


He gave me a hug = English
He gev me an 'ug. = English with a Lancashire accent. Hence "a Nug" from yesterday's post. :)

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