Sunday, 9 September 2018

First workout of the day

or 'Morning Routine'.

Walk downstairs.
Put the kettle on.
Let cat out of back room and feed and water.
Put the toast on and Weetabix in bowl.
Brew tea.
Pour tea.
Take breakfast tray upstairs
 to bedroom and have breakfast in bed.

Bring breakfast tray down and empty/load dishwasher.
Wipe down all surfaces. 
Sort cat tray.
Sweep and mop floor.
Take out recycling and rubbish.
Walk down to garage and open up bringing back food I want from the freezer.
Do chores for the day - see here.


PS I know when the sheets need doing as the bed rapidly gets filled up with crumbs! No matter how many times I brush out the crumbs there's always one tiny one to be found when I roll over. :)



  1. Phew, I'd be exhausted after that, lol

  2. Am I the only person in Blogland who doesn’t appreciate breakfast or even a cup of tea in bed? Much prefer to go downstairs in nightwear and sit at a table. Luckily DH agrees.

    Am very impressed with how organised your housekeeping is, we don’t have set days for doing things, apart from remembering to put the milk crate and empties in the porch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. Can’t leave crate outside, foxes have discovered how to take lids off and drink our lovely organic milk.

  3. Is yours a longer morning than mine LOL - I am not sure I fit all that in to mine!!


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