Tuesday, 23 September 2014


1. Oh I do like my 'bargain' new to me shoes.

I shall sit them on the dressing table and drool.

2. Aren't friends wonderful? A Traidcraft basket given to me - just because I like baskets.

3. I really shouldn't buy sweets - this jar was full yesterday!

4. At 5 foot 6 inches this will be the Rolls Royce of cat trees.

5. I've spent today tidying - it's surprising -

*how things move around rooms
*how dusty everything gets
*how much ironing we generate
*what's in the cupboards that I didn't know about (or have forgotten about - a trip to the CS is needed)
*how, whenever I sit down, a cat gets on my knee

6. Perhaps all the jobs that I've done today will count towards -

7. I think I shall list the blogs of new followers from now. Readers of this blog might like to go and visit, especially if they have the same interests. Hello new follower!

8. It's felt like Autumn today - I suppose it is now.



  1. What pretty shoes. Love the basket and if I had a jar of sour worms I would have probably eaten them all by now. They look so pretty and colourful in the jar. Just a pity for me that I would never be able to leave them there, so I tend to avoid the temptation.

  2. Those shoes look like dancing shoes to me, will they be going to the Tower Ballroom with you? I love those fizzy sweets, that jar would be empty by now if it were mine. So is the cat tree for your pusscats of your daughter's?

  3. The shoes are not for dancing - wrong soles and the cat tree is for DD's Diddy.

  4. Your cat is so like my cat Cleo who I lost several years ago. Siamese cats are such beautiful cats. The cat tree is magnificent.

  5. I love the cat tree idea, but where do you get the thick rope from? if you don't mind me asking.

    1. We've not got the rope yet, will let you know but today we might go round the carpet shops for some carpet for around the posts which are cardboard carpet roll inners. We're still pondering the covering for the bases - our last tree we covered in fur fabric.

  6. Love the shoes! Mary Jane's are my favourite style too x

  7. Oh I love those shoes...so feminine! I love those sherbet snake sweets. They're wouldn't have been many left at my house! X

  8. Those shoes are gorgeous! And those sweets look yummy.


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