Tuesday, 2 September 2014

All change

Where have the shelves gone?

They have now been moved to DD's old room along with craft and hobby 'stuff'. My boxes are filled with card for card making. I'll never use it all but I can't throw any away.

I'm trying to 'artistically arrange' other bits and pieces and I keep swapping things around and changing my mind.

These shelves will probably look entirely different next week. The baskets hold cross stitch patterns and aida, sewing paraphernalia and craft items.

I've got more wardrobe space for my dancing dresses but there are still some hanging on the picture rail.

I should really get rid of these old children's books shouldn't I.

These shelves once housed nail varnish of every hue but now they are home to small items.

The room is slowly becoming organised and my other room will become a guest room.



  1. The craft shelves are looking good! There is a lot of enjoyment to be had in a clean set of shelves!

  2. Lovely :)

    And, a change is as good as a holiday too ;)

  3. It's great to have a good move around every now and again, and definitely satisfying to get all your craft things organised so they're easy to use. It all looks lovely and very creative.

  4. I'm so boring...I have one colour of nail polish.
    Jane x

  5. That looks so organized, well done!
    Happy Wednesday, xx

  6. This may be the third comment. Looks great.

  7. Now where are your lovely pussy cats going to sleep? Don't get rid of those children's books, I wish I'd kept mine.

  8. Looking organized Mum! I have to get rid of all that nail polish too...it's so hard to do.

  9. Looking good. I do love a change around every now and then.x

  10. Looks great! Very organised! Jo


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