Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Around the world?

To the tune - I am Sailing

I am sailing, I am sailing,
far across the sinky sea.
I am sailing my last courgette (pronounce - courgette-er)
To use you, to be free.

I have used up, all your brethren,
soups and pastas, curries too,
so prolific, so much chopping,
I am glad to be free of you.

May I thank you, my bloggy sisters,
your ideas all unfurled,
stuffed and jammy, chocolate cakey
But I chose to - sail the world.

My first sail was a little too small for the great task ahead. It's only a small pink, crocheted square.

Astri,  do you recognise it?

I've made a few now from wool that was in my stash. I'm living dangerously and am tackling the La Vie en Rose blanket using as much wool from my stash as possible.

My other sail was a little larger but not complete so it was as useless as the first for sailing around the world.

It's another dishcloth with again, more wool from the stash. Pam, your white dishcloth is still going strong and now I'm branching out with other colours of cotton. (Spot the purple creation!)

So, sailing round the world in my Very Large Courgette was not an option so I've made more soup with one half using veggie leftovers - peppers, carrot, tomatoes and the other half I'm going to stuff.

Same old, same old but I've had a little sailing adventure on the way.



  1. Veggie soups sounds lovely !!! As for crochet dishclothes .....I have made for others and never for myself. It is about time I did!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  2. We've had stuffed courgette for tea tonight, and they're still coming!

  3. Glad you gave it your best shot! A shame that there'll be no climbing the rigging in a Force Ten....no rum ration...hornpipe....
    Jane x


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