Monday, 29 September 2014

Pusscat pics

Here is the cat tree under construction. The cardboard tubes are from inside carpet rolls. The top is a plastic cat basket. The tubes were covered in very thin carpet from a carpet shop and rope - which we got from Screwfix. Homebase also sells rope but that was dearer.

Here it is finished and in use.

Hey - eyes open!

Whoops - eyes closing.

Eyes closed!

Night, night.


PS - Guess how much rope was used on the 2 ropey tubes. The answer will be in the next post. :)


  1. Cue some very contented moggies - and very creative owners! xxx

  2. That's the Rolls Royce of cat trees. She's such a cute little puss. I wouldn't know where to start to guess how much rope was used.

  3. It looks great. A very professional job. He looks like he likes it a lot too.

  4. How clever you are, what was the total cost to build?

  5. Those cats are adorable, love the big ears. Fabulous cat tree, you are clever.


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