Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Opposite the Kitchen Window - September 2014

Quite busy here today.

Soup has been rescued from the freezer for our lunch, the tomatoes were a gift from a friend and I'm baking a cake.

I had some pears which were going a bit soft and I wasn't likely to eat them so I thought I'd make a pear cake using a sponge mixture with the pears in the middle.

I still have a pile of satsumas to eat up. The whiskey's doing OK!

I 2 loaves this morning and the flour is still out. An acquaintance gave us a quick demonstration on how to play the spoons so I've chosen 2 suitable ones to practise with! I've just about got the 'hold'. Now for the rhythms.

The cake turned out pretty well and some of the slices are going to the freezer for another day.

Hello and welcome to 2 new followers. I hope you enjoy your visits.


  1. The cake looks delicious. No point wasting those pears. My dad can play the spoons, I've never mastered it.

  2. The cake looks scrummy. I love your kitchen.

  3. I'm better playing the spoons than eating with chopsticks.
    Jane x

  4. The cake looks yummy. My husbands uncle could play the spoons
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. A busy productive time for you, but then you do get to eat cake and bread.

  6. Playing the spoons-now that I like!


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