Friday, 27 June 2014

Alphabet Blogging - E

E is for Extending

 - the life of my bunch of Sweet Williams that I bought exactly one week ago.

The leaves were turning yellow and some of the flowers were dead or dying.

Out of the big vase then and chopped down, de-leafed, dead flowers discarded ...

… and then the remaining flowers put into a smaller vase.

I hope these will last another week.

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Next week's letter is D.



  1. They look like you've just bought them. I've seen them in the shops in recent months and have been sorely tempted to buy some, but never have. You might have just inspired me to give them a go.

  2. I'm all for getting the most from your money.

  3. Ohhh lovely. cute jug as well x

  4. I love the smell of Sweet Williams, hope they last another week for you.

  5. Beautiful Sweet William and what loving care to extend their life!

  6. They look lovely mum and I have to admit to having dresser envy having seen yours in the background!

  7. Finally managed to get over to see your E post - what a great idea to get more for your money, almost like a nip and tuck. Just take a bit from here, lift it up a bit here and your ready to go.


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