Thursday 26 June 2014


I pulled out the tomatoes today - these new ones that I put in are not growing well. The compost we planted our first tomatoes in was obviously tainted with I don't know what and they never grew properly even when planted in the greenhouse soil. We'd also tipped some of this compost on to the soil and it's tainted that as well. We didn't fancy eating any tomatoes or cucumbers that have been grown in this compost so I ripped them out today. An area of soil has been pulled away from the vine and we'll put fresh soil in. All the greenhouse soil will have to be taken out and thrown.

The broccoli plants and courgettes have not grown in the garden because they, also, had a poor start so I shall be pulling those up tomorrow.

We've made a decision to re-vamp the back garden and not grow so many vegetables (We have club root and onions develop white rot, while the asparagus is now only growing in the sunny half of the garden.) The only plants that have grown properly have been the mange tout and strawberries.

What a sorry year for growing. I shall make the most of what we have though and make sure it's eaten.


PS - Welcome, Jo, my blogging buddy.


  1. I have similar problems at the allotment. I can't grow carrots as they always get affected by carrot root fly, tomatoes always get blight, and onions don't always do well because of rot. I always grow tomatoes at home in grow bags now and I'm trying to grow carrots at home too, but the snails keep getting to them unfortunately. Like yourself, I try to be grateful for what I do manage to grow though.

  2. I grow veggie in pots. Potatoes and Carrots grow well in large pots.
    Julie xxxx

  3. flea beetle is my downfall this year. I'm on my fourth lot of cabbage plant grrrrr

  4. To use a popular phrase.That SUCKS!
    Jane x

  5. Some years things just don't go the way you want them to - you'll have to make friends with your local greengrocer and hope he has some (good) bargains. Bettter luck next season

  6. What shame about your veggies.

  7. I think I'm having beginner's luck this year, it's all downhill for me I'm sure!

  8. Ha ha, I'd only just realised (after all these years) that I wasn't following you. Remedied that now. What a shame about the compost. As you know, I had problems with compost earlier on in the year and I've heard many others have too.


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