Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Further inspection

Despite our compost disaster there are many plants and veg still growing in the garden. Here the clematis is taking over the pergola.

A couple of courgette plants have started to produce a small crop.

The corn is growing steadily (but isn't as 'high as an elephant's eye' yet).

The runners are running slowly and some are creeping into the asparagus.

Blimey - I've grown a lettuce! The mange tout are almost done and soon I'll be pulling up the carrots to eat. I think we'll be eating tiny onions this year.

Here's the greenhouse minus contaminated soil ...

… and here's the soil in a heap where the brassicas were. It's going to have to be incorporated somehow and enriched with manure probably. (How many barrow loads in a pile of soil?)

There's still a crop in the greenhouse so all is not lost.

The strawberries are still producing ...

and further inspection reveals the chives and lilly of the valley with a foot and a cat thrown in.

I always let one or two poppies grow. This one's a beauty. Spot the intruder?

There he is having a wonderful time amid the petals.

Inspection over - all is well.



  1. Have I missed a post? how was the soil contaminated? How have you planted your strawberries they look like they are in a crack in some concrete.....sorry for so many questions I'm a newbie to growing x

  2. Hi Julee - read the post on the 26th June which tell about the compost. The strawberries are planted in the ground. The soil is higher up than the path and is surrounded by sandstone rocks. Some of the strawberry plants have grown between the rocks and the strawberries spill out over the path.

  3. oh my, when you said contaminated compost I just had in my head you had to chuck a couple of bags out and not empty the WHOLE greenhouse, bless you want a pain x

  4. That is a hectic amount of work moving all that soil. Well done!

  5. I'm glad you have some vegetables growing but disappointed for you that you've had some problems. That's the way of gardening isn't it! A continual learning experience and one so dependent on weather conditions, soil health etc.
    Anne xx

  6. Any pile of soil is too many barrows! One of my least favorite jobs in the garden. I have to bring all my soil into the back yard with a barrow as i have no access point except through a small garden gate on the side. Its a long haul with a heavy barrow.

  7. Fabulous trip around your garden.

  8. Glad that most of your crops are doing well despite the contaminated compost. It seems to have been a big problem for lots of people this year.

  9. We were thrilled with our lettuce too...until a critter scoffed the lot.
    Jane x

  10. Your garden looks lovely. It's no small feat to empty the greenhouse of soil so good for you for getting on and getting it done. Your grapes look fabulous. I've planted a grape vine in my garden this year. I can't wait until it gets big enough to bear some fruit.

  11. Your garden looks very productive, despite the compost problems.What a pain to have to move all that soil....
    Isn`t it good to pick your own strawberries!


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