Friday, 13 June 2014

Alphabet Blogging - G

G is for Goodness Me

It's Friday again and I'm late in posting my Alphabet letter. I've just settled down to read some blogs and Cathy has posted her G contribution. Oh Goodness me, mine should be up and ready. Go to the Filofax (just thought I'd drop that name in) and look and see what I thought of for the letter G. 

G is for Garden

Of course, it's just the right time to talk about the garden. Well, we've eaten the asparagus, all that we're going to eat anyway (cutting time is from April to June) and now we're starting on the mange-tout. It was a mass of white flowers last week and these are gradually changing into small pods. The first ones we pick are eaten raw and today I put some in a chicken casserole. My strawberries are now forming - better late than never - and a few lettuce have survived the marauding snails.

Unfortunately we started the tomatoes, calabrese, courgettes, corn and peppers in some dreadful compost that has stunted growth considerably. I've had to buy in other tomato plants but they are not coping well either. The corn plants were planted out and are still only quite small and the courgettes which should be romping away are only tiny.

G is for Great and Grow

It's great that the runner and French beans were planted directly into the garden soil. They are growing well thank goodness.

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Next week's letter is F.

G is for Goodbye for now!



  1. A lot of bloggers have said they've had dodgy compost this year. My cherry toms haven't took off this year.

  2. Last year it was dodgy manure for had bits of glass and gravel in it.
    The compost is our own so there had better be nothing wrong with it!
    Jane x

  3. I'm late too, mind you I never got my homework in on time!!
    I only seem to grow weeds/plants that are growing in the wrong place - no definitely weeds!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. I'm fed up of buying rubbish compost, it's very hit and miss these days. The slugs have had all my French beans, little blighters, I've started off some more but no doubt they'll be slug food too just as soon as I plant them out. Enjoy the mange tout, I didn't plant any this year.


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