Friday, 6 June 2014

Alphabet Blogging - H

H is for Have

Have you a favourite room in your home?

Have you a favourite object in the room that you are in?

Have you sorted out what you are going to do today?

Have you finished anything creative this last week?

Have you noticed that the more you type the word 'have' the more is looks mis-spelt?

Have you sorted out a drawer or a cupboard recently?

Have you managed to get out to enjoy a walk?

Why is 'have' pronounced 'hav' and not 'hayve'?

Have you finished reading a book recently?

Have you noticed that I'm very inquisitive?

Have you any more questions? (Not too hard please.)

Have faith.
Have a nice day.
Have fun.
Have your say.
Have a ball.
Have a seat.
Have a dream.
Have I got news for you.
Have your voice heard.
Have a break.

Have a wonderful day today.

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Next week's letter is G.



  1. You made the word "have" sound so wonderful. My favourite room in our house is the living room and my favourite object are the people who sit in there. Have a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

  2. Hi, my favourite room is also our living room as it's nice and cosy and we all spend time in there together. I like nothing more than sitting in the armchair sewing whilst watching TV with other members of the family. Simple pleasures. I think I have managed most of the other items on your list this week except sorting out what I'm going to do for the rest of today. Not much I suspect.

  3. Deep breath and....
    main bedroom,the cats sitting with me,housework,if baking is creative,then yes,I find that with most words!,no,no,the delights of language,no, not at all *wink*,think you've covered them all!
    Jane x

  4. My favourite room is the bedroom, though it needs decorating, we're hoping to get it done after our holidays.
    I'm in the living room. I've got a few ornaments in here which were bought for me by Daniel and Eleanor so they'd have to be my favourite things.
    I try to make Friday a lazy day, so I hadn't planned on doing much today. I got the ironing done yesterday so I've done two more loads of washing today.
    The last creative thing I finished were a pair of knitted socks. I'm hoping I won't need them until winter though.
    I'm often thinking that things are misspelt. I'm a worse speller now than when I was at school.
    I've sorted out some of Eleanor's drawers and cupboards recently, there's still lots more to do though. She's hoping that once we've got rid of everything she doesn't want, she'll need to go shopping for more.
    I'm out walking every day, sun, rain, hail or snow. Archie wouldn't have it any other way.
    I don't know why have is pronounced hav and not hayve, I've never thought about it, but the English language is very strange.
    I've recently finished reading the latest in the Nightingale series, I'm up to date with them now and waiting for the fifth book to be published at the end of the year.
    I have noticed that you're very inquisitive, I hope my answers are to your satisfaction.
    One question for you then, have you got anything planned for the weekend?

  5. Oh look at all the haves you have - not a havenot amonst them!
    I have just finished reading an Anna Jacob's book - one of her Trader series - and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's been raining so I havenot been able to walk today but I have made some lovely soup for later on. Nice and warming on this cold Saturday afternoon.

    Have a good weekend Mum!

  6. That was fun ! Favourite room is the kitchen. It's bright & sunny & I can look into the garden. I Blog from here ! x


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