Thursday 12 June 2014

Out and about in the sunshine

On my walk today I saw the recently restored fountain in the Italian Gardens in Stanley Park. It's very pristine now with beautifully clear blue water. The fountains were playing on the statuary. I only hope that it can stay in this condition for people to enjoy.

I passed the lake with all the trees in full splendour.

The water was still and clear.

My aim was to cut across the park, and cross over the main road to walk round Marton Mere.

With the weather warm, the sky blue, the water still and the insects, flowers and birds going about their business it felt like the middle of summer.

Once around the lake it was back into town to dance the afternoon away. I think I've done my exercise for today. 


PS A very warm (and sunny) welcome to my 2 new followers.


  1. It looks fabulous. A gorgeous park on a sunny day or a wonderfully sunny day to walk in the park.

  2. Hello Mum

    That looks to be a delightful and refreshing walk!! There is nothing like that here ...there are beaches and palm trees and heat which are great but for a decent walk give me the English countryside anyday!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  3. What a wonderful day and I think you've definitely earned yourself a sticky bun after all your exercise!

  4. Excercise about the 5-10 a day?
    Jane x

    1. Sussed - 3 pieces of fruit at lunch time, 2 or 3 veg with tea at tea time. I ate mange tout while walking down the garden today!

  5. Lol - it is summer in your part of the world ;)

    All that Vitamin D - just what the body needs!

  6. It's a lovely walk. I love how remote Marton Mere feels even though it's so close to so much activity.

  7. The fountain is stunning, I wonder how much it cost to restore


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