Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I have been enjoying the Reflections posts on Joyknitt's blog and thought I'd find some reflections of my own around the house. (It's blowing a gale outside.)

in the window

in the mirror

The mirrors have views of Blackpool Pleasure Beach etched in them.

in the mirror

in the juke box

in the TV screen

in the clock

in the teapot and kettle

 in the oven door

in the mixing bowl

in the toaster



  1. This shows just how well the glass in your house is polished. I love those mirrors.

  2. The mirror shots are especially fabulous!
    Jane x

  3. Too much dust in my house to reflect anything im afraid. Oh, except the french doors where our little Miss Tilly barks at images of herself. She thinks its another dog out there. So funny to see her run away from herself and come back to find that other dog still there. It cracks us up.

  4. Lovely, Mum, I've also got a couple more to show, microwave door and dining room dresser. We could keep this one going all year, couldn't we?
    Joy x x

  5. What a great idea! Totally agree with Jo though Mum, you are a champion polisher!!

  6. This is a neat and fun idea :-) dee x


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