Sunday, 16 February 2014

List 52 - Week 7

I'm joining in with Dreamer's 52 list and I'm cheating this week as I am choosing a task that our friend has been avoiding. So the seventh week task is:

7. Journey with DH to our friend's and stay there while they lift the greenhouse off the ground and slide in bricks to stop the wood of the greenhouse rotting because it's been sitting in puddles of water.

I don't have to do any work with this one - only watch on the sidelines and offer support. Much thought went into how to lift a fully glazed wooden greenhouse safely in order to slip bricks underneath. A gadget was made specially for the purpose (not by me).

I took the opportunity to go for a walk along the sea front and into the village.

sea fix and rainbow fix

walk fix

snowdrop fix

devastation left from the gales

sea fix again

and again

pretty church fix

snowdrop fix again

sea fix again

crochet fix

reading fix (plus sweetie fix)

greenhouse fixed

safely up on a layer of bricks

Come to think of it, I did achieve something today that I'd been putting off for a long time.

I ditched the book that I was reading (and not enjoying) and started reading a different book. No more will I carry on to the bitter end. If the book does not 'grip' from the start then it goes straight away. The CS has benefitted from about 30 books that I've been avoiding for a while. I'm not going to read them now as the subject matter does not appeal.

As an added bonus today we were treated to dinner out by a grateful friend.




  1. Great photo's. Always feel better after a walk fix. :)

  2. They did a good job with the green house.

  3. And you escaped from the area of combat. With the greenhouse.

  4. Intrigued by the gadget they invented to lift the greenhouse :)
    A good job completed though x

  5. Well done with the greenhouse, I cannot imagine how that might have been done safely so am most impressed and am sure your friend will be delighted.

    I agree totally about books that don't 'grab' you. Like you I used to battle on to the end then realised my time is too precious and there are new books being written every day so there is no point in wasting a moment on a book that I'm not enjoying.

  6. Isn't it funny how we do that with books! good bit of advice there.

  7. Sounds like my kind of day. Not sure you can have torn me away from the sea though.
    Jane x

  8. That sea looks choppy. It's always a good feeling when a job you've been putting off gets done, I bet your friend is glad it's now been tackled.

  9. Sounds like you did a very important task this week and enjoyed some simple pleasures in the process. Good for you.

  10. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. I have seen that Blackpool was hit quite badly by the gales but at least you are safe.

  11. Clever work someone did with the greenhouse! The sea does look choppy. I absolutely agree about the books -life's too short! I'm reading Kate Atkinson's Life after Life -good so far. Have a good week. X

  12. what a dear little green house x


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