Sunday, 2 February 2014

List 52 Week 5

I'm joining in with Dreamer's 52 list and am choosing small tasks that I've been avoiding and would like to do/finish. My list is written in my organiser and I hope this will give me a kick up the backside and spur me on. My fifth week task is:

5. Finish the jacket you started knitting. I know you only started it to help out Julie and I know you ran out of wool  and I also know that it was an awful pattern to follow and you kept having to pull the knitting back but it can't stay unfinished forever. It's getting in the way.

Right. First thing's first - look through the stash for some baby wool that is a similar shade. No, I didn't have any, nor did I have any of a different colour. I only had to complete the sleeve and neck edging - not much wool needed really. 

I then thought of a colleague who loves to knit and sent out an S.O.S. asking if she had any suitable wool. Result! Back came a ball of wool which was almost the exact same shade. Now the jacket is complete.

I know, Julie, my button holes aren't quite correct but I got there in the end!



  1. 52 projects: what a great idea for the year. I have so many of those projects, I should do the same. The jacket is adorable.

  2. Looks good, But what are you going to do with it now?

  3. Lovely. I love knitting baby garments, I just don't have any babies to knit for.

    1. Jo - the London City Mission are desperate for baby knits for their charity work. They will send you the patterns [free] -I'm planning to do some stuff for them

  4. Great job! I have an incomplete knitted cushion cover on my list!


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