Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Kitchen Window - February 2014

The kettle is an Aga kettle (soon to be Ebayed) that DH found when he was tidying the garage. I'd acquired it from somewhere in the hopes of teaming it with an Aga at some stage. (Dream, dream, dream.) That stage is not to be (saving energy and all that) so the kettle will have to go. The shells were picked up on St. Annes beach on fish and chips day. My climbing plant is sitting on top of a pastry cutter because the window sill collects the moisture that drips down the window.



  1. We must have some shells somewhere which came from St.Anne's beach, we used to go there for long weekends and the occasional week long holiday when the kids were little. I have lots of very fond memories of the place.

  2. Aha! I thought that was the design of the pot.

  3. Shame the kettle has to go. It looks good there :)

  4. I love that old kettle. Its the sort of thing I tend to do!


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