Monday, 17 February 2014

Just walking around

… on a sponsored walk for charity.

We went around the local hotel golf course first, through very muddy terrain.

This was a dry part.

This wasn't. The water is covering the footpath. It looks more like a river. We retreated to higher ground.

The tower is in sight so we knew we were on the homeward stretch.

No rest though.

Next was a walk around the local park. There were many trees that had been brought down by the gales.

This tree fell through the roof of a children's nursery. It fell during the night fortunately.

I had to walk around the band stand for my final trek home.

Croci were a welcoming site at the end of my 7 mile walk.



  1. Well done. Looks like you had the weather for it.

  2. Congratulations on completing your walk (or maybe that should be assault course...)! We've been very lucky with very little/no storm damage around our parts, but your photos really bring it home how horrendous the weather has been recently.

  3. Well done on your walk. Is that Stanley Park? We have had lots of picnics there when the kids were little x

  4. 7 miles. Well done. You had a lovely day for it too.

  5. What a lovely day you had for your walk, and well done for completing it.

  6. It looks lovely ...the flooded part not so much!
    Jane x

  7. Well done on your country (sponsored) walk. Looks like it stayed nice for you,

  8. You must have enjoyed your walk under that beautiful blue sky!
    The storms have left damage everywhere. Thank goodness no one was at the children`s nursery when that tree came down.


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