Sunday 21 April 2013

With a little help from my friends

We gave the help, or rather DH did by rotavating an allotment for a friend. I helped by just 'being there' giving moral support. I picked a few of the remaining vegetables before they were thrown on the compost.

... and then I passed the time crocheting and reading,

first out in the open and then into the shed when it went a bit chilly.

I like sheds - all warm and woody.

Today I have peeled the sprouts, chopped the leeks and washed the purple sprouting broccoli.

The parsnips are resting in the garage for another day. 

The veggies will go with the lamb chops for tonight and mince and onion pie tomorrow, with enough left over to make leek soup and my friend's favourite ...

sprout soup!
(I do like a bit of gourmet cooking once in a while.)



  1. That was a lucky and lovely haul of veggies, not so sure about the sprout soup, ok if you're sleeping in the shed!!

  2. Please share a recipe for sprout soup! :)

  3. I obviously haven't lived. I never heard of Sprout Soup, but I do like them in a stir fry and if really tight shredded into a salad. Luckily we both like them, so it is just a case of keeping the bedroom window open for ventilation and a firm grip on the duvet top and kick the bottom end loose!

  4. I have never heard of sprout soup, either. I would also like to try the recipe. I think I may be living under a rock because I don't understand your getting vegetables from an "allotment". Where do you live? As always, your post is filled with info. Jeanne

    1. Hi Jeanne, allotments over here are small areas of land divided into smaller 'plots'. People are able to rent a plot in order to grow their own vegetables as they may not have room to grow them in their own gardens. Our friend has an allotment but DH and I grow our veg in our own back garden.

  5. How I wish we had a rotavator, it would make things so much easier. Great looking veggies, nothing quite like home grown for taste.

  6. Mmnn not sure about the sprout soup mum!

  7. Yes, I like sheds as well. The veg looks nice.

  8. Gardening is so good for the soul!
    Leeks are such an excellent, underrated vege in my opinion!
    Rotavator= new word for me!

  9. I am looking forward to getting the new veg planted in this year now that we have a bit of sunshine at last!


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