Saturday, 27 April 2013

Kitchen Window - April 2013

Sunny outside but dark inside.

The vase is from the JS and is for DD who wants to keep some of her bits and bobs in it but she's not claimed it yet so I've used it to display some euphorbia from the garden. My juicer is on there as I used it to make a Madeira cake last week and have not put it away. The basil is looking the worse for wear and we have been eating it in salads.

One tendril of the long, hangy plant is nearly touching the window sill. If that happens I'll have to find it another place to put it. The long, creepy plant is not beginning to curl itself around the tap. That, too, will need sorting out if it persists. There's still condensation on the window. Roll on more sunny days!



  1. What a beautifully coloured vase.

    Sft x

  2. Lovely vase, and it really brightens up the display

  3. I love euphorbia, they look great against the red too.


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