Sunday 14 April 2013

Every last drop

I try to get every last drop out of the toothpaste tube. It's surprising how much is left when the tube looks empty.

Marmite and Bovril jars are turned upside down to 'extract' every last drop and washing up liquid, bubble bath and shampoo have water added to prolong their useful life.

Seeds are saved from year to year and I haven't purchased any new this year. DH thought that the old broccoli and cauliflower seeds wouldn't germinate so he sowed the rest of the packets. We now have about one hundred seedlings! Whoops!



  1. We basically cut the toothpaste tubes open and dunk rinsed brushes straight in.

  2. Hello Mum
    What you can do is slice the tube open across the bottom and then down one side - fold it open fully and then be surprised when you see how much is still there. From experience you'll need to pop it into a freezer bag or similar to keep the paste soft while you use it all up. Just rub/dip your brush into the remains or use a teaspoon to spread on the brush. Often good for another few goes.
    Take care
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    Cathy @ Still Waters

  3. I stand everything upside down from Shampoo to ketchup (we don't buy the ketchup that is already in the upside down bottle)! Its the only way to get every last drop. When the boys were living at home their friends used to laugh when they saw the bottles upside down. I'm sure they use the idea now because I have seen the sauce bottle upside down in my son's cupboard!
    My mum used to put lipstick in the fridge too, made them last longer.
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Well done with the seeds mum. I just think you have nothing to lose so just go ahead and try. I managed to get some seeds sown today, way behind with everything this year!

  5. I have cut the bottom off the toothpaste (and other tubes) for ages, but never thought to cut them half way down and use the sealed end as a 'top' for the other part. Saw that tip on Superscrimpers in 2012 - one of the last things I saw on TV!! Good luck with the garden, I have bought some cress seeds which I can grow on our windowsill in the 'van and plan to buy some herb plants, it's the thing I miss most about our transient lifestyle and have decided I cannot do without at least some parsley, corriander and bay leaves in my cooking any longer!!

    1. I do the same as Alison for the toothpaste tubes and I'm always surprised how much is left when I had squeezed evey last drop out (or so I think anyway).

      Alison - do you live in an RV or caravan, then? Stupid question really (sorry!) but how do you get post?

  6. Ha, it looks like you'll be eating cauliflower and broccoli for months with that little lot. I turn things upside down too, everything from shampoo bottles to deodorant.


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