Sunday, 28 April 2013

Spring Fest

Just a reminder that it's only a week until the Spring Fest - a celebration of the coming of spring. We've all seen signs and know it's on its way (if a bit late).

If you wish to celebrate with us all you have to do is post some pics in celebration of spring. I've suggested some ideas in my other post. Up to now I've had a terrific response from these bloggers - 

Frugal Queen is going to be spring crafting for us.

Sft will be providing some music for spring.


... but there's always room for more. Just leave a comment and I'll add more 'festival goers' to the list.

It's not spring-like here at the moment with a gale blowing and rain dripping down. I think it's an 'in' day today.

The mess on the floor is dead orchid flowers and my
The mess on the couch is 'vintage' mags from the JS,
 gardening jacket and the puss.

Puss thinks so too.

If you've not visited the first Spring Fest post click on the Spring Fest label or link in the side bar to find out more. Hope you can join us next week.


  1. We are getting everything ready for the cocktail bar..making sure the ice buckets are full, and the glasses shiny!
    Jane x

  2. I am sure that I can come up with a Spring Fest post Mum, I will start planning it now.


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