Friday, 19 April 2013


Hello, new follower. You made me smile today. Another person has become a member of my blog. :) I wonder why you chose to do so.
Did you find me through another website or were you searching for something on the internet and landed here?
Do you follow any of my interests?
Did something catch your eye and you thought you'd stay for more?

Hello new commenters. You made me smile today as well. I look down the comments list and spy a new name. Now who's this? Have I ventured on to your blog and made a comment and you thought you would reciprocate?
Have you 'come out' of the lurking bloggy world woodwork to show me you are there?
Did what I write spur you on to agree or disagree?

Hello people who comment occasionally. You made me smile today. Hey it's so and so again. I'm so glad you paid a visit. I know I visit some blogs every now and again and give my two penn'orth for what it's worth.

Hello regular followers and commenters. You make me smile whenever I see your names on the list. I think we are getting to know each other pretty well, considering we've never met.

Hi, everyone.

My blog reading lists are becoming longer, are yours?



  1. My blog reading lists are so long that it takes me ages to get through all the new posts these days. There's so many great blogs out there.

    1. I have the same problem. I love the variety, every one is so different and has it's own particular merits.

  2. I try very hard not to add more to my reading list but sometimes you come across someone whose writing strikes a chord. I found you while pootling around the comments on a blog, had a nosey a few times and bam I was hooked.

  3. Me too, list is very long. Does anyone know how to see who are the new followers? My list is in no particular order so I have to guess by memory.

    FIB. X

  4. I often wonder why people follow my blog! All the questions you posed come to mind.
    Jane x
    PS Looking forward to Springfest 2013.

  5. Yes, it takes me ages to read all the blogs now. Not complaining, it's better than watching the tele.

  6. Hi, I don't have a blog (tried it once, not for me at this point in my life) but I think my list of 'blogs that i read' is certainly getting longer! So sometimes I just take a quick glance at a blog but don't comment.
    Today I did :)
    Judy xx

  7. If I commented on every blog post on my reading list every time they made a new post I would never get any work done - so I am afraid I have to be a bit selective.

    I do try to comment on everyone at least once a week, more if it warrents it ( such as a question I can answer or a sad or happy occasion)

    I think Google Friend Connect puts the latest ones at the top? so if you know who followed last, if there are newer ones they will show up above? (iyswim...)

  8. You have a fantastic blog, that's the simple explanation as to why you have new followers and commenter. Have a lovely weekend.
    Anne xx

  9. Mum, it is your charm, frankness, great topics and warm, giving spirit that has drawn us all to you. Take care. Jeamme

  10. Hello Mum, I came across you through Mad About Bags, and started following you because I realized that we are more or less contemporary and have similar interests, I'm also retired. Thanks for commenting on my blog, its nice to know a few people out there actually read what I'm writing.
    I've lost track of the number of blogs I follow, but sometimes I go through my list and unfollow some, because there are just soooooo many and I cant read them all. But yours I like.
    Joy xx

  11. I follow a lot of blogs, and cannot help but add more to my ever growing list. I am half way through having a clear out. I have deleted blogs who haven't posted for at least two years but that isn't many. My theory is that not everybody post on the same day so I can read them!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  12. I must admit my list is getting longer as well. :)

  13. Hi Mum. Yes, my lists are growing too, I figure that if someone sees something in my blog that makes them want to follow and read more then we are possibly like minded people and that I will like their blogs too!!

  14. I love your sense of humour [unusual for me, although the only person that's allowed to say that about me, is me! :)] & your posts make me smile - that's why I keep coming back.

    Usually as a lurker though (it's too much hassle on my phone to leave comments and I only get the delight of catching up with my blog reads on my laptop once a week-ish). This makes my reading list far, far too long.

  15. Hi yes I must admit I love reading blogs & its quite a good little community ( well big really!)
    I go through lulls with blogging normally quietness goes with feeling flat on my blog. I admire how people keep their blogs up regular. I think they can be good motivational tools too. Its hard when blogger change things though!
    x Have a lovely weekend & enjoy the sunshine x

  16. Your posts always make me smile:D My list is also getting longer and trying to keep up is not easy I try and have a catchup session every now and then.

  17. I always read your blog. I feel we are kindred spirits, you make me smile, and I hope I return the compliment.


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