Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Eleven Tag

Now isn't that funny. I've just been tagged by My Beautiful Life with the Eleven tag. I've already had this post ready to blog for a few weeks as Granny Taught Me to Crochet also tagged me with the Eleven Tag.

On looking back at the history of this tag, I see that it appears to be the Leibster Award, (see my awards label), but the title seemed to have got lost along the way. Never mind - I'll tackle it anyway. Here are the rules according to GTMTC.

The Rules:

Each tagged person must post 11 random facts about themselves.

Answer the 11 questions set by previous blogger.

Create 11 more questions.

Tag 11 more blogs, with less than 200 followers.

Inform the blogs they've been tagged! 

Here are 11 random facts about myself.

1. I'm vertically challenged! I look up to most people.

2. I play the piano.
3. I play with Lego!
4. I like a cup of tea in bed in the morning before I get up.
5. I can't sing in tune.
6. One of my New Year's Resolutions is to embrace the numbers 4 and 13 because I don't particularly like the number 4 and everybody thinks 13 is unlucky. This year I thought I'd face my superstitions so I now don't avoid these numbers. e.g. when cutting up a banana I used to cut it into 12 or 14 but not 13 bits. This year I don't mind 13. I could go on but you might think me ...
7. ... slightly silly!
8. My favourite subject at school was Maths.
9. I had a heart attack about 6 years ago so I now try to keep very active.
10. My cup is always half full rather than half empty.
11. I like to read blogs especially the blogs of followers and commenters. :)
BTW welcome to another new follower.

And here are GTMTC's 11 'questions'.

You have to make a soundtrack to your life. You have 11 songs and they all have a theme. What do you chose and why?

I presumed I had to find a song for each of the categories so here's my interpretation.
1. You - Perhaps I have too rosy an outlook on the world. Imagine by John Lennon

2. Getting ready - The only one I could think of was Putting on my Top Hat. Mine's more of a swirly dress when I go out dancing.

3. Crafting - This one's difficult too. Perhaps I'll throw this one open to readers.

4. Christmas - No Christmas is complete without this playing.  I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

5. Party - I don't party often but when family or friends get together "This is where the party is." I can do it by the Rubettes

6. Family - Everyone jogs along in life at at certain moments come 'next chapters' such as new job, new home etc. Turn, turn, turn

7. Friends - Many friends are made along the way. I've made quite a few while learning my dancing at the ballroom. Other friends have been there for many years, friends from childhood and friends from work. Lean on Me - Bill Withers

8. Old Memory - So many memories when I was 16. I'm not telling you them, though. You're 16 by Ringo Starr or Young Girl by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap

9. New Memory - DS and partner are planning to buy a house - a very big step in life's journey. Bless This House

10. Romance - It's Getting Better by Cass Elliot

11. The Future - Who knows? - Enjoy the moment while you can. Melting Pot by Blue Mink

MBL's rules are similar and here are her questions. These are easier to answer.

1. In which month is your birthday?

2. What is your favourite colour?
Was red, now green

3. What one thing do you wish you could change in your life?
For me - nose, legs, height, teeth

For others - inequality to equality

4. What is your biggest regret
No regrets really but I would have liked to have had dancing lessons when I was little.

5. What do you feel is your Christmas tradition?
Eating Christmas dinner in the dining room with family, conking out (full) in the lounge and listening to the Queen's speech.

6. Which part of your body do you dislike the most?
See above

7. Which celebrity would you take out for dinner, and why?

I'd stay in for dinner - not the sociable type really.

8. Who was your favourite teacher at school, and why?

I really didn't have a favourite teacher but I, along with others, did fancy the Chemistry teacher. He fancied himself aswell!

9. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Crochet, read, play

10. I'm coming for dinner: What will you cook for us to eat?

Ooh-er - egg, chips and tinned tomatoes with mushrooms followed by lemon meringue pie (I'll have to practice making one of these.)

11. What are you planning for your garden next year?

I was planning to lawn it over and put in a pond because we didn't have much of a harvest this year but I'm sure we'll have veggies again. Can't have 2 rotten seasons, can we?
I'm altering the rules here seeing as GTMTC altered them. First of all I'm going to call this tag by a new name.


Here are my 'Elevensies' to tag anyone who follows this blog.

The Rules

Each tagged person must list and expand upon the 11 items suggested by the tagger then tag the followers of their blog with their own 'Elevensies'.

Here are my Elevensies

Pick 11 items in your home which are precious to you and tell us why - the second bit is not compulsory.  You don't need to write anything personal, just a picture will suffice.

Accept the tag if you wish and come back with a comment so I can read your post.

If you don't have elevensies in your country here's a definition.


  1. I shall do this when I get home and I can take pictures :)

  2. I take up your challenge, but it will be tomorrow as I am reading this on my way to bed. Goodnight Mum.

  3. I just found your blog today and have been reading past posts, I have joined as a follower, I will enjoy keeping up with your posts!

  4. Funny, I started reading this as I sat down for my Elevenses. A nice cup of coffee and some chocolate digestives!!

    I was already tagged by FrugalMummy so have done my 11ses, but thanks for sharing yours. Some great answers.

    Arwedd xx

  5. 13 is a "good" day in the Catholic this is the day the Virgin Mary appeared to the children in Fatima.


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