Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tea Dance

Not only was there a cup of tea at the Tea Dance but cakes as well.

We also had a neat dance card to fill in for our dances. Now who's for a dance?

Had a pretty active week this week with walking, swimming and dancing. I think I need a rest this weekend.

Welcome to new followers. I see an artist and a photographer. Hop over to Jill's blog at Land of the Big Sky to see another artist and photographer.


  1. lovely cakes and the dance card is such a lovely vintage touch! Sounds like you have been super busy!!

  2. Dancing off the calories...clever!
    Jane x

  3. Hello Mum
    Were the cakes for a special occasion or just to make things different that day? Are there many males yearning to fill in your dance card?
    Love Jill's blog (will admit to being a lurker so must say hello sometime) - she's getting wet today lol
    Take care

    1. I didn't write on my dance card as it was too pretty but yes, I did dance every dance with both male and female partners.

  4. When i was in south staffs we used to do tea dances with the local high school. They were so much fun. Xx

  5. What a lovely event, gorgeous cakes and great idea to have the dance cards.
    You have had a busy, but enjoyable, week.
    Carol xx


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