Saturday, 17 November 2012

Let's play ...


"Why do you want to keep all that lot?"

"Because I want to play with them when I retire."

"Do you need that much?"

"Oh yes, I hope to be retired a long time."

"We need to de-clutter."

"Tell you what, I'll play with it then it can go."

Compromise reached.
Playtime assured.
Hours of fun from DS and DD's childhood Lego.
Here's my first 'play'.

Lego Technic 8860 - car chassis.

Whoo, all sorts of moving bits - steering, gears and reclining seats.

Sad, I know - but lots of playtime fun!


  1. My Dad was a Meccano fan.That's all he ever wanted for Christmas!
    Jane x

  2. My sons had lots of lego. If ever we were stuck what to get them lego always fitted the bill. They had pirate ships and castles and space things.I think its probably still at their dads house.

  3. You can't get rid of LEGO! I still have mine, it has been added to over the years with our boys, now grandchildren.......!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. Did you know that Lego - and Duplo - are early Maths. As a student of child development I learned that. So glad that all my girls had that - tho neither they nor I are any good at Maths.

  5. Lego--brings back so many memories. It took me till this year to finally get rid of the tons of Lego we had around the place.No2 son is now 18. Your first 'play'looks impressive. :)

  6. My daughter has my 3 brothers old lego and we've added to it from car boot sales. We now have a large plastic box full of it. We will keep it because it will be good for grand children (very long time off yet)and visiting nephews (no neices yet)and then one day it can be passed down. It's so expensive to buy new.
    Enjoy your play.

  7. I've got heaps in the loft ! Just catching up & enjoyed reading your Tag post.

  8. I love love love Lego. Don't get rid! Xxx

  9. I live in a lego free home - no more screaming in pain when your foot finds a piece on the groound! The youngest grandchild showed no interest and I wasn't having visitors with young ones either so I rehomed it all.
    Haven't given the Tupperware Shape O away tho - that one is fabulous to bring out when a few drinks have been partaken - fun to see who can actually get the right shape into the right hole lol
    Take care

  10. I love lego so much. I find it incredibly soothing to tinker around with it, with my kids. It calms them down too - bonus!! I don't think it's a bad thing to hold on to! I'm not letting go of ours - great investment!


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