Sunday, 4 November 2012

Guided tour - part 3

The shelves needed 'doing' again so I cleared out the Lego and put it under the bed (another no go zone!) and managed to empty one cubby hole. This one is a work in progress.

Granny squares for MY blanket plus Ladybird books.

This one is 'done'. 

Basket of ribbons, Pythagorean cup, air raid whistle, stone, building bricks

Basket of teddies plus some old keys.
I know - I can't let go! I've got 5 baskets like this one containing card making stuff, sewing stuff, cross stitch stuff and more Ladybird books. I'm going to have to get rid of these soon.

Oh, baskets again - granny rose squares plus small balls of wool.

This tie is made out of Tetra Pak boxes.

In the above pic are tubs of rubber stamps, some nail ornaments - my right and left hands on display here, my money box and an award given to me by an ex pupil. It is engraved 'Thank you for the music.'

The other cubbies are yet to be tidied. The trouble is that these shelves are always a WIP because they are used frequently.

I know, I know - I can't let go - yet!!!!


  1. It is diffucult to throw things out! But it is also a great feeling to get things tidied, bit of a dilemma!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. There is just no hope for you, but dont they look like pictures/works of art? I think so.

  3. WIP - I have so many of them around my house!

    Love that tie and the money box. A very interesting little collection of things!

  4. It is difficult I know but I'm sorting out my kitchen slowly and certain things are on their way to the charity shop. I've decided if they have not been used for at least a year and are not of sentimental value or just value off they are going! Suzy x

  5. We have the lady version of your money box. It was husband's father's and sits on my shelves !
    So hard - I usually put things in a cupboard or the overflowing loft !


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