Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Garden Time

On a sunny day it's out into the garden time. DH constructed a hoop house (half hoop house) to cover the broccoli and calabrese we're going to plant. It covers a shady part of the garden but we've planted these brassicas in the shade before and they did well. Last year we covered the plants but the plants grew too big for their cover. This year I'll be able to walk inside the enclosure.

It's made from conduit pipe and will, hopefully, when covered in netting ...

... stop the little butterflies from laying their eggs on the plants.

No more picking out the caterpillars from the harvest now!

Welcome aboard to my new follower.


  1. What a brilliant idea! And so simple too, but then most great ideas are!

  2. That's just brilliant and very impressive. Suzy

  3. Great idea,and a good job by hubby, I have a gazebo frame that I have been thinking of making into a fruitcage, still on the to do list yet though.

  4. How cool is that!! Great idea, I am thinking I would love to have a green house but your idea might work in the meantime.

  5. Perfect time to start your own garden, you guys are amazing. this is indeed a good idea!

  6. That is a good idea, make sure that the mesh is the right size to exclude the butterflies.


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