Monday, 27 February 2012

Progress Report

The latest blanket ground to a halt a week ago when I was rapidly running out of wool, especially green. The centre part of the blanket is complete, incorporating those equilateral triangles. Six of them made a hexagon which I then made, just about, into a square. They need to be ironed flat but I think they'll make it.

Aren't people kind - a colleague of DD's gave me a bag full of blue wool today. Thank you, thank you. It will come in very handy for borders.

I'm still keeping an eye out for pre-loved green, though.

Please click the 'crochet label' for the history of this blanket.

Hello new followers from far away. I don't know how you found me but welcome to my witterings.


  1. My favourite colours! That looks fab. x
    PS There's a three storey retirement block over the road from the bottom, once the weeping willow's in bloom we'll be hidden again!

  2. Its a gorgeous design and i love the colours to. That blue wool looks fab its lovely when your given something your love and use. Enjoy your week, dee x

  3. Its looking good.Arent you lucky being given all that lovely blue wool!

  4. What a nice gift, free yarn!!! You last post inspired me to work on Christmas gifts for the month of March, I need to get busy on Nativity sets as well. Thanks for the inspiration (I think, HA)

  5. Very pretty square. I may have some pre-loved green....what sort of shade are you looking for?
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  6. wonderful colors.its look fantastic.
    enjoy your week,
    love regina


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