Thursday, 23 February 2012

Plan A

After lunch in town we decided to hop on a tram (our tramway system has had a complete revamp) and go a little bit further down the coast.

It appeared to be learn how to drive a New Super Duper Tram Day today.

Alas they weren't taking any passengers ...

... so we were left stranded on the promenade.

Plan B it had to be.

See more trams on these Youtube videos. They show the launch of the New Super Duper Trams, the older trams that have been taken out of service and the illuminations trams.


  1. We often used to visit St.Annes when the kids were little and drive in to Blackpool to see the illuminations. The trams were always lit up too. It sounds as though Blackpool is having a huge makeover, I won't recognise it.

  2. The tram looks awesome! Shame that they were not taking passengers. Glad that you had a plan B. ;)

  3. Blimey Mum, that's more like a train, it's very long. I hope they keep some of the old ones, it's what makes Blackpool famous. Can't imagine anyone getting excited about a ride on a new tram. Maybe I should have another visit now it's all finished.

  4. Wow, they're swanky! The Croydon tram pales in comparison ;-)

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  5. A good excuse to go back and see how well they have trained the drivers! They look very smart trams.

  6. The only time I ever went on a tram was when I was in Turin, it was quite exciting.


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