Saturday, 25 February 2012

Plan C

The Winter Gardens was on our way home and DH hadn't seen its recent makeover so in we went. Again, original features have been restored. There has been great attention to detail.

In this booth is a picture taken in the 30s.

I love the Deco light fittings.

The walls are decorated with different motifs.

You can just see and original light fitting reflected in the mirror.

Here's another view.

The entrance/exit is equally beautiful with more original lights.

Look up now.

More information can be found in this earlier post.


  1. Looks fantastic what a transformation.

  2. I can see that there'll be lots of new old things to see when I next visit Blackpool.

  3. Fantastic - great to see old buildings being restored!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. They dont make enough of this do they. Everyone thinks its all Kiss me QUICK HATS AND CANDY FLOSS. Last time I was in Blackpool it rained - but we visited the zoo, and could see beyond the glitz. Lovely.

  5. I think that was beautiful,I loved Blaackpool we had a wonderful time and stayed at Cleverleys and it was just a tram ride to there and that in itself was a treat for a country Aussie girl.

  6. What a beautiful restoration, I should love to see it.

  7. Lovely to see Blackpool getting away from the tacky stuff and celebrating all the traditional heritage.Some lovely restoration work being done.

  8. Oh what lovely photos. I have been a lifelong avoider of Blackpool due to the tarnished reputation (thanks to the hen nights/stag nights brigades) but your blog has given me food for thought.

    Thank you for sharing. x


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