Monday, 20 February 2012


One of my New Year's Resolutions, in order to help the de-cluttering, was to put at least one item on Ebay each month. Whoo the excitement of watching the bids rising in the last few seconds is intoxicating! (I really must get a life.) I've got two auctions finishing in half an hour. What do you think? Multiple seller! Three lots of positive feedback! Hey, what! Must go - this Ebay Babe is on a roll!

Later - Sold and sold.


I'm shattered now. Can't take all this excitement in one go.


  1. Must have some nice goodies on there then lol how wonderful and some extra pennies in your purse.

  2. It's addictive once you get going and see the pounds rolling in. I stopped selling quite a while ago because it just became so time consuming, but I've got all sorts stashed in the loft which I should really get listed.

  3. Ha ha - well done you - keep going xx

  4. congrats on your sell, I should list some things but afraid it would be a pain. Maybe someday!!


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