Wednesday, 11 January 2012

What shape's your granny?

Normally square? As well as rectangles I thought I'd see what other shapes were out there on the web. I found hexagons, circles and triangles but I could not find a rhombus (A rhombus is a squashed square.) so I made up one of my own.

DH just picked up a normal square and stretched it into a rhombus. This one, however, starts out as a rhombus.
Do I feel a tutorial coming on?


  1. Very clever, I have enough trouble crocheting a square.

  2. These are lovely! I lack the talent to create things like this. I can knit and sew but crochet has always alluded me. I sit by in envy and awe!

  3. So how do I learn to crochet?

  4. The first part of mine looks very irregular! I'm not sure it's meant to be that shape though! It is my very first go at it - I hope it will get better as it gets bigger!! Lesley x

  5. Bertilove, is it your first go at a granny square or a granny rhombus?
    Jo, Penny Saver and Jill, there are plenty of tutorials for granny squares on Youtube and also for different crochet stitches. Attic 24 also has many tutorials which are much better than mine.


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