Saturday, 21 January 2012

Mum's Granny Along

Easy peasy lemon squeezy Crochet Lesson No. 1

I'm sure you can find many tutorials on how to crochet on the web. Here's my two penn'oth. Hopefully this series of easy peasy lemon squeezy lessons will lead to your first 'Granny Square' with no stress involved.

I must warn you that I am a slightly 'alternative' teacher. (If you already know how to crochet please skip this series.)

Here goes:-

Lesson No. 1 - Becoming Familiar with the Chain.

At the end of this lesson you should be familiar with the look of a chain stitch and be able to hold the string/wool confidently. 

Items needed - one ball of string or thick wool and your fingers.

Make a slip stitch with the string/wool.

Pull the wool up behind the loop ...

... and pull another loop through with your fingers.

Repeat until you have a long chain.

Now unravel it and begin again! 

Keep practising until you can chain really quickly and you are confident holding the string, the loop and the chain.

The beginning of this Youtube video shows finger chaining in action with more than one thread.

There are many different ways of holding the string. Find a way that is the easiest for you. Once you have achieved this you are ready for the next lesson. :)

Please let me know if you would like to be guided along to crochet your first Granny Square by joining this Granny Along. I don't want to be talking to myself!

I'm spurred on to do this by looking a DD's 'granny' which is ...

... grannying along nicely.


  1. I may be your first student but need to get organised.

    Sft x

  2. You're not talking to yourself. I'm here!

  3. I remember doing finger chains when I was a child, yet I only learnt to crochet a granny square last year.

  4. Hi Mum

    I've just spent the afternoon trying to learn how to Crochet - weird or what!! I haven't been able to manage it. I would love for you to continue with the tutorials please :]


  5. I think you will have a great audience,I will be following to see if I do it right lol and the other thing is that it is great to learn the ways of others.

  6. I remember doing this using my finger! At one point I did miles and miles of it but never made anything...


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