Thursday, 26 January 2012

Keeping Fit List

Tea dancing with 2 colleagues,
Zumba-ing with a friend,
walking by myself,
possibly swimming with another friend,
dancing at home,
soon to be gardening again,
eating healthily (nearly),
whizzing round the housework

and washing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees.

That might do it.


  1. I'm exhausted just reading the list!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Good luck, we do 2 miles a day, aerobics 3x a week, dancing, gardening, running up and down stairs all day just to keep the status quo. My husband adds 100 sit ups and 100 pushups daily just to maintain.

  3. Dancing at home and running about is about all the exercise I get these days. I have ditched the wine for the whole of January so far though!

  4. Sod it, vacuuming, floor mopping, occasional dusting = exercise. Wine down 5p.m. onwards, no hope, but happiness follows.

  5. You sound like one fit lady! I'm exhausted just reading the list!

  6. You should be as fit as a fiddle with all that exercise.

  7. After all that, I think I need a lie down!!

  8. I'm echoing Anne remark - after that it will be time for a lie down lol

  9. Great list and happy to see some walking in there. I love walking the fells and mountains of the Lake District National Park as part of my general keepfit. The lakes are great for solitary walking and family outdoor days.
    Anyone can access my walks, lake district photographs and videos now and enjoy this beautiful part of England.


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